Monday, May 31, 2010

Poll closed and I need your help

The Pinot Noir poll was close as I expected. We have not yet an icon Pinot. Every Pinot Noir got a vote, which is good to see, but it was finally the flamboyant and sometimes amazing Bass Phillip Premium which one the day. Bindi Block 5 was a deserving second.

Now I need your help with the Grenache and Grenache blend poll. My candidates so far are Clarendon Hills Romas Vineyard, SC Pannell Grenache, Torbreck Les Amis, Charles Melton Nine Popes. There are a number of others I can think of, but I would not see them as deserving a win. However, there are a lot of them in South Australia, and I am not familiar with all of them. I would like to add one or two wines to the list. Please come forward and suggest some candidates.


Unknown said...

The D'arenbery Derelict Vineyard Grenache has been smashing it in recent vintages. The Cirillo Grenache is a cracker. Noon's do good work with Grenache. Torbreck's The Steading is up there too.

Chris Plummer said...

Hey Alontin,

I'm a bit of a sucker for McLaren Vale grenache, which I find to be much more savoury and naturally structured than most Barossa interpretations of the style (plus closer to home for me ;). As a result I must put forward the perhaps unpopular Hardys Tintara Grenache (the old one with the black bottle and label printed straight onto it, no new oak but amazing old-vine depth and character, a wonderful contrast to Les Amis) as well as d'Arenberg's Ironstone Pressings in the blends class.

I do agree that Les Amis and Nine Popes represent the pinnacle of what the Barossa can achieve with these styles at their best, just not sure about Les Amis' value for money though...

Chris P

Alontin said...

Thank you for your contributions.
Andrew, how could I forget Cirillo? I have a fair bit in my cellar. I will leave out Noon, as not many people would have experienced it, and while I like The Steading, I can't quite see it as a winner.
Chris, I will include the Hardys. It is not known to me, as I have been turned off by their other reds, but your recommendation is good enough.

Alontin said...


I agree with your value for money comment in relation to the Les Amis, but it is not a criterion for me in these listings. I thought I better clear this up.

Woody said...

Kilikanoon's "The Duke", Tintara Grenache is astonishing but difficult to get a hold of and I agree the Steading is a very good wine though a blend, so if it qualifies there are a few other GSM's to consider too.