Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pipers Brook Gewuerztraminer

Gewuerztraminer is definitely an unfashionable grape variety. So what does everyone drink with Thai food? Viognier, Riesling, Pinot Gris, Grenache? To me, Gewuerz is the perfect compliment to Thai food.

There are not many producers of this variety left in Australia. Pipers Brook tends to be my choice. The 2008 Pipers Brook Gewuerztraminer has the typical flavours of lemon and lime, there obviously is spice, but a bit of sweetness, too. It really is a wine to accompany food. You would want to drink this young, to experience the freshness of the wine and the crisp finish.

Score: 89/++


Sarah Winehouse said...

Yes I agree. The fruit doesn't clash with delicate flavours like coconut and lemongrass, and the acidity, perfect for chilli and curry and/or fatty dishes! There's also a relatively recent wine called Aja from Hunter Valley, created specifically for asian food, made at Tempus Two.

Alontin said...

Thank you for this, and welcome to my blog. I will check it out.

Chris Plummer said...

With you on this one Alontin.

At its best I think there is no better traminer in Australia than the Pipers Brook. The 2004 (95pts) was the best I've had, either from this maker or Australia for that matter. Fortunately, thanks to the lag evident in interstate wine vintages in Adelaide's retail market, I know where I can still buy bottles of the 04 for current retail price! That lag does come in handy sometimes! The same store also has bottles of Pipers Brook's very good 2004 Riesling sitting on their shelves.

Chris P

Alontin said...


I am out of the 04s now, but I thought they were terrific as well. It is great to know stores like that. We have a bottle shop in Woy Woy north of Sydney, where the owner loves fine wine, but they don't seem to get bought much. Very good for treasure hunting.

Chris Plummer said...

Sorry Alontin,

Just checked my back notes today and I have the 2004 at 91, the 2005 at 95. :/