Friday, May 14, 2010

Craiglee Shiraz

Craiglee tends to be not a hyped up, but quite dependable producer of cool climate Shiraz. However, the 2000 Craiglee Shiraz was a disappointment the other day.

The wine tasted of sour cherries and game, and the grapes seemed to have been either somewhat green or very ripe. The mouthfeel was not very round. The unattractive flavour lasted through to the acidic finish.

Score: 86/--

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Sean Mitchell said...

Interesting post. I generally like Craiglee's Shiraz, but I recall being fairly surprised when I tasted the 1998 Craiglee blind that while it was generally pleasant, it was not exceptional. It seems the 2000 may fall into this bucket (or worse) based on your review.