Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Greenock Creek Alices Shiraz

A little while back I decided to buy a selection of Greenock Creek wines. Those who have visited the property will know that the vineyards are absolutely stunning. I think the winery has more Robert Parker 100 pointers to its credit than any other Australian winery and the average score of all wines reviewed is likely to be higher than any other winery.

The 2005 Greenock Creek Alices Shiraz is the entry level wine, but you would not know it. With a whopping 17.5% alcohol, this is the most alcoholic wine I have ever tasted. Interestingly, the first sip is pretty good. The concentrated fruit covers the alcohol. However, by the end of the first glass, the alcohol dominates. The finish of the wine is sharp, and just not pleasant. It does not invite you for more, unless your aim is to get smashed. You get no varietal characteristics with this wine. It is not a port, but a wine dominated by alcohol.

Greenock Creek does not supply wines to the major Australian wine reviewers, and it is not hard to see why. Best to keep the mystique by keeping things secret.

Score: 84/---

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