Monday, June 7, 2010

Grenache tasting for my followers

It appears we are going to have a clear winner in the Grenache and blends poll, but this may be because the Charlie Melton wine is much better known than the others.

Baz suggested to taste the wines and experience first hand the differences between Barossa and McLaren Vale Grenache (if it turns out that way).

I think this is a great idea, and I would be quite pleased to host such a tasting in Sydney. I am happy to contribute a Les Amis, which otherwise could be a stumbling block. Chris, I don't know if you come to Sydney from time to time, but if yes, I would like to include you.

I reckon we need at least five people to participate, and at this stage, I would only open it to my followers. Everybody would have to contribute a bottle on the list.

What do you all think? Please let me know if you are in, and availability in the first half of July.


Chris Plummer said...

Sorry Alontin, sounds like a fantastic idea, but I just had a chat with the missus and it sounds like trips to Sydney in July are out in favour of home renovations :(

Good on you for bagsing the Les Amis by the way - very generous man you are!

Baz said...

Alontin the Les Amis is very generous of you. Great stuff! I'm generally around in July. I can offer 04 Ironstone Pressing and 02 Nine Popes. Baz