Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Poll Opened - This time Grenache and blends

The Grenache and Grenache blends will be a shoot out between the Barossa and McLaren Vale. I found it difficult to come up with the final list. I could have easily included some others and dropped a couple from the list, but I hope you find a favorite in it. Please vote!


Chris Plummer said...

This could be your toughest poll yet Alontin! I can't split at all between the 4 wines I mentioned previously. They're all wonderful yet of contrasting styles- 2 Barossa/2 Mclaren Vale, 2 Blends/2 Straight Grenache.

I might require the full 2 weeks to sit, contemplate and perhaps even travel to McLaren Vale or the Barsossa for research...

Can I phone a friend?

Chris P

Baz said...

Maybe we should organise a Sydney tasting of said wines??? All chip in and taste-off?

Baz said...

OR a web tasting but obviously more expensive for everyone to acquire the wine-list.

Alontin said...

Great idea, Baz. The web tasting is difficult, not only because it is expensive, but also because people may taste different vintages which would make a comparison a little awkward . Please have a look at my new post.