Friday, June 11, 2010

Gralyn 2000

There is not much wine from Gralyn which finds its way to the east coast of Australia, but I bought some many years ago from the cellar door. Gralyn sits in a plum position in Margaret River, right next to Cullen and has access to some of the best grapes. As I said, the wines are not well known, partly because of the low volume, partly because they are quite expensive.

The 2000 Gralyn Cabernet Sauvignon is very varietal in its expression. It is a medium to full bodied wine, with blackcurrent flavours, very pretty and elegant. Unfortunately, as the wine moves down the palate, it develops this hole in the middle, sometimes seen in Cabernet. The tannins are still quite strong and noticeable on a satisfying finish.

The wine is probably at its peak now, but will remain good for another five years.

Score: 93/+

Because of the comments above, I was interested to also try the 2000 Gralyn Cabernet/Shiraz. It had a similar flavour profile, quite opulent, and yes, the Shiraz component delivered better overall mouthfeel. Unfortunately, the wine was a little less well balanced and slightly harsh on the finish. A good effort as well, though.

Score: 93/+

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