Sunday, June 13, 2010

St. Hallett Old Block Shiraz

The St. Hallett Old Block Shiraz belongs to the group of premium wines which started the renaissance of old vine Shiraz in the Barossa during the 1980s. The 2002 Old Block is perhaps not the best example of this usually high quality wine.

From a vintage which produced stellar and mediocre wines, this falls into the second category, when measured against a high standard. The flavours are of sour cherries and black cherries, and there are perfumed and violet notes. The impact on the palate is complex enough, but there are some herbal and underripe flavours, which are not so pleasant.

There is some depth in the fruit profile, but the structure of the wine is a bit simple. The tannins are slight and the wine ends on an overly fruity finish.

Score: 90/-

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