Sunday, March 21, 2010

Henschke Mt. Edelstone

Yesterday, I just grabbed a random bottle from the cellar. It happened to be a 2002 Henschke Mt. Edelstone. Given this wine has done so well in the just closed poll, I thought, yes, should be a good drink at eight years of age. I then had a look at Jeremy Oliver's guide who rated the wine highly and recommends drinking from 2022. I thought this is a bit rich, over ten years from now.

I opened the bottle for 45 minutes without decanting and could not believe it. The flavours were so intense and overwhelming, clearly too early to drink. So I had a small glass and left the rest for today. Today the wine was a bit more developed, but it still tastes incredibly young. No other Mt. Edelstone I have had displays this lasting power (despite the fantastic 93 I had not long ago).

The flavours are very intense berry flavours, mainly blackberry and mulberry, dark, softer fruit. Secondary characteristics are starting to show, fresh beef and some spice as well. The oak is in the background, but provides a good backbone. The tannins are quite strong, but are captured in a penetrating finish which goes on and on.

This is clearly a great wine, but I have not marked it higher because I am just not sure how it will all blend together in 10 years.

Score: 96/+++

PS: Chris, how did you go with your '95?


Baz said...

Wow! I cannot wait to try my stash!

Chris Plummer said...

Yeah, not quite as well as either your '93 or your '02 Alontin, but I suspect it might've come down to a bit of bottle/cellaring variation. I picked up the '95 at an auction about 4 years ago for $53, so it wasn't too bad a loss ;)

I recently posted a full review at:- if you're interested in checking it out mate.

Chris P