Thursday, March 18, 2010

Henschke Mt. Edelstone voted most admired Shiraz under $100 per bottle

The winner is very deserving, I think. For a while it looked like a draw with Penfolds St. Henri and I was contemplating how to decide. I came to the following conclusion: if you say it is safe to drink these wines from 1990 onwards, then I would give the first half of the decade to the Mt. Edelstone and the second half to the St. Henri. Mt. Edelstone would also win the comparisons in the naughties, and it would have been my winner. Rockford's Basket Press Shiraz was a clear third, also very deserving.

I found it interesting that the sometimes highly praised Victorian Shirazes did not get much of a look-in. Also, Wendouree did not do well. This may be, because it is not widely available. You voted predominantly for the full bodied Barossan style, but not the overblown and overripe ones. This makes sense to me, as these wines are truely unique in the world.

Thank you all for voting. It has been good participation. The next poll will be up soon. I bet you can guess what it will be.

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