Friday, March 12, 2010

Henschke Mt. Edelstone

For a special celebration, I have been drinking, from the golden early 90s of this wine, the 1993 Henschke Mt. Edelstone. This has to be one of the great Australian wines ever. This vintage does not get much of a rating in general, but there is everything right in this wine.

The fruit is complex, with raspberries and black cherry flavours dominating. There is mocca and toffee and savoury flavours as well. The oak is seamless, but providing a great backbone after 17 years, as do the velvety tannins. This is a full bodied wine, but you can drink it easily. It has great harmony and a smooth, long finish.

A friend of mine has a fair bit of this stashed away, therefore there is not much around. If you find this wine, take your chance. It may well be one of your best drinking experiences ever.

This wine is good to drink now, but will last another five years at least, if cellared well.

No wonder this wine is in a leading position in my current poll, but we need to break the tie. I will bring the close forward by a few days, please vote if you haven't done so already.

Score: 98/+++


Chris Plummer said...

I'm supposed to crack a '95 Mt Edelstone tomorrow with friends Alontin - I hope it goes as well as your '93 - my 95's cork is protruding somewhat though!

Wish me luck!
Chris P

Alontin said...

Yes, the corks are not always the best. Good luck!