Monday, December 28, 2020

What Did We Drink This Christmas?

 The family gatherings this Christmas have been much smaller for most. It probably meant the variety of wine was less than in previous years, but hopefully just as enjoyable.

In my case, it started with a beautiful grower Champagne from André Clouet, called Silver. It showed a beautiful balance between citrus and yeast flavours. This was followed by a sensational white wine called Timorasso, which I will write up separately tomorrow. There was also a Valenciso Rosé from Rioja, and a 2005 Wendouree Shiraz and a 2013 Moss Wood Cabernet Sauvignon.

What did you drink for Christmas? Let the comments come in, also from Europe and the US, please.


Mark said...

All local wines (Vic). Toolangi,Denton,Bannockburn 2017 Pinot Noir (wotn) and a Narkoojee Harry Shiraz (which was really good)..

kr1 said...

Lunch comprised Taitinger Blanc de Blancs followed by Hewitson 2010 Shiraz Mourvedre (Magnum), finished with a Bremerton Ciel
Dinner comprised 04 Gnadenfrei Grenache, 04 Mr Riggs Shiraz, 03 Wynns John Riddoch Cabernet, 08 Pindarie Reserve Tempranillo, 01 Jamieson Run Rothwell Shiraz, 16 Kaesler Bogan Shiraz and finished off with 04 Noon VP.
It was another merry christmas.

Alontin said...

Kr1, you have come through again with a big number of wines. What was your favourite? Noon?

Alontin said...

Hi Mark, I have never heard of Narkoojee Harry Shiraz. I must check it out. Thank you for sharing.

kr1 said...

hmm.. the Noon VP is always special and this one was no different, it really sings after about a half hour (which is not an easy ask to resist taking a sip - open it and keep hidden is how i manage it). It was my favourite of the night, good call!

Of the remaining, the Riggs was showing really well for its age, the Gnadenfrei is absolutely top notch grenache (no longer made but i have no doubt that the grapes are making way into wines from other labels), the Rothwell was a bit dusty but good balance.

The Riddoch disappointed on the night, solid wine but opened 10 years too soon. I don't think it quite has the balance of the 92-95 Riddochs though which still drink beautifully when cellared well. will need to leave the other few for another 5 or so years before opening.

The Pindarie is worth hunting down (especially older vintages), it is a tempranillo made in a Barossan style to be honest but drinks very well.

Kaesler was a solid wine but nothing special to write home about. The Hewitson currently seems to be exhibiting more moreish traits that i associate with Mourvedre, Shiraz is there but a little hidden and overawed by the former.