Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Murdoch Hill Chardonnay

 As a consumer of fine wine, I have not been too impressed by many of the new, and often natural wines from the Adelaide Hills. Having said this, the Adelaide Hills are a hub of innovation, and this should be applauded. The feedback cycles in making wine are very long. It therefore will take decades to get some of these new approaches right. And I have to apply the same quality measuring stick to new wines as to established ones.

This 2018 Murdoch Hill Chardonnay is not made in a radical way, but it comes from a relatively new winery, only 20! years old. The winery also makes a more hand-made artisan range, which I have yet to try. 

This Chardonnay tastes of stone fruit and melon. It is quite pure and balanced. The wine is not overly complex, but delivers a pleasant mouthfeel and an elegant and dry finish.

Sure, this wine is not unique. So why would you buy it? First, the quality/value ratio is good, and then you support a winery which is quite new and tries to do things differently, but in a measured way. This works for me.

Score: 91/++


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