Sunday, May 18, 2014

Torbeck The Descendant

As I drink the 2004 Torbreck The Descendant, I am amazed to reflect that two other of Torbreck's brands, RunRig and The Factor, are bigger wines than this.

The colour of this wine is deep purple, still quite fresh. The fruit flavours carry on from the bouquet. Black berries and dark plum dominate, dried prunes take over on the mid palate. There is dark chocolate as well. This is a ripe wine with a big mouthfeel. The Viognier component in this Shiraz/Viognier blend is supposed to give this wine a lift, but it is not noticeable in my glass. The fruit concentration dominates.  The finish is quite smooth. This wine has a solid structure, otherwise it would not have survived ten years. However, the wine is more broad than precise, which makes it harder to drink and less pleasant. The tannins are fairly soft on the finish. As a result, the alcohol shines through.

I managed to drink half a bottle during an evening, but this wine is not everybody's 'cup of tea'.

Score: 92/+

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