Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jasper Hill/Chapoutier La Pleiade

I noticed I haven't uploaded many images lately. I thought this one was worth while. It is unusual, and not many would have seen this label. It depicts the star cluster Pleiades from which this wine gets his name. Must have something to do with the biodynamic regime of the owners.

The 2004 Jasper Hill/Chapoutier La Pleiade is the third in a trilogy of big Australian wines from the 2004 vintage I am reviewing. The colour of this wine is deep purple. It is impenetrable. This is a full-bodied wine with a big mouthfeel and predominantly dark plum flavours. I find the flavour profile a bit one-dimensional. This wine has a good structure. It is balanced, as the fruit stands up to the significant tannins and the 15% alcohol.

This is a big wine, but it is not overripe or alcoholic in comparison with the Torbreck The Descendent. I recommend this wine to people who like the big Australian Shiraz. It will go well for at least another decade.

Score: 93/++

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