Friday, May 30, 2014

Tahbilk Shiraz

When it comes to fashionable brands, Tahbilk would definitely not be on the list. But as the oldest winery in Victoria, it certainly has tradition. And how good is what's in the bottle?

The Tahbilk Shiraz is the standard label. It is an attractively priced everyday wine. The 2010 Tahbilk Shiraz has beautiful clean red plum flavours. There are some sweet spices as well. The tannins are surprisingly fine, and make this a smooth wine to drink.

This is not a complex wine, straight down the line, but it has great purity of fruit and enjoyable flavours. If you have not had the urge to buy a Tahbilk, try this wine from a great vintage. It does not cost the earth ($17 per bottle).

Score: 90/+++

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