Friday, August 26, 2011

James Halliday reviews

Have you noticed how the review points have crept up from year to year? Is this because Australia makes better wine? Maybe it does, but this is not the reason.

Halliday only reviews wines which are sent to him. Now some wineries with excellent reputations have been a bit reluctant to send wines in for fear they would not stack up. This is not good for Halliday, because he wants to have all major wines represented. What happens, he inflates the reviews to get all the wines - a silly system.

The wine descriptions can be helpful, but forget about the points (which basically seem to have a range of six (from 91 to 96).


Josh Tuckfield said...

What about Wendouree? I don't think they send him samples, I think he said he bought them himself for review.

Alontin said...

Yes, I think you are right. Until about four years ago, James only wrote a summary paragraph on Wendouree. I believe a competitor then started to review the wines individually, and then James wrote up a couple of individual wines each year.