Friday, January 15, 2010

Savaterre Chardonnay

Savaterre is a quiet producer from Beechworth with high quality aspirations (and a very high lying vineyard). It wants to produce aging Chardonnay in a French style.

My first experience is the 2004 Savaterre Chardonnay. Its colour is already quite golden and developed, while it was very pale when I bought the wine. The fruit is not the feature of this wine, but there are traces of apricot, peach, and apple.

The wine has a good mouthfeel and length, but where is the taste? There is a lot of oak and some minerality leading to a somewhat acidic finish. Overall, a bit disappointing. The structure is holding up, but I would have expected a more graceful development. A Giaconda it is not.

Score: 92/-

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