Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lethbridge Chardonnay

If you ask me to name five young wineries which will make their mark on Australian wine in the next five years, I would nominate Lethbridge amongst them. They have a strong focus on terroir and minimal handling.

Unfortunately, the 2006 Lethbridge Chardonnay does not quite live up to this expectation. The wine is surprisingly developed for its age. Its strong citrus flavours are getting a honeyed coating. However, the wine is not creamy. It is fairly linear (in a good way). The wine's acidity seems a bit high, and in the end, this Chardonnay does not have much charm.

There are opportunities to improve this style, and once this has happened, it will be quite attractive.

Score: 89/0

In an earlier post, I commented on some of their more recent wines, which show good improvement.

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