Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The Standish Wine Company The Schubert Theorem

 I have reported on this wine before, its strange label, and the logic of the Schubert Theorem. A little while ago, I wrote a comprehensive review of the stunning 2018 wines by The Standish Wine Company. So this review of the 2010 The Schubert Theorem is to partly predict how the 2018 wines may look in 10 years time.

The colour of this wine is close to black, very inky. There is no sign of ageing in the colour (the wine is bottled under cork with a wax seal). It is full-bodied, with  big fruit weight, and filling the mouth easily in all directions. In other words, the structure is massive. Ripe plum, but also some blue fruit notes and redcurrant and raspberry flavours deliver a complex fruit taste. Marmalade hints at some secondary flavours, but fruit still very much dominates. Oak is in the background.

This is a powerful and ripe wine, but still energetic with enough acidity to drive the wine forward down the palate. The finish is long. This wine will live well easily for another 10 years, maybe peaking in five.

My sense is that the 2018s are perhaps a bit more nuanced and energetic, but this 2010 is a shining example of a big Barossa wine with good drinkability.   

Score: 96/+++ 

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