Thursday, September 24, 2020

Roberto Voerzio Barbera

 Roberto Voerzio is said to be the most meticulous winemaker in Piedmont with very detailed vineyard work and a rigorous grape selection process. He was the leader of the 'modernists' in the 1990s, moving to short maceration periods and French barriques. His Barolos are among Piedmont's best. But today, I am reviewing the 2015 Roberto Voerzio Barbera d'Alba 'Il Ceretto'.  

This wine opens with a rich aroma of black cherries and forest notes. This Barbera, from a warm vintage, is already quite developed on the palate - a rich and ripe wine with concentrated fruit, mocca and some oak flavours. The wine delivers a big mouthfeel, elegant in a way, but ripeness takes over.  There is medium acidity in this wine, and soft tannins. The finish is smooth. 

This wine will appeal to those who like big South Australian reds. As an aside, I tasted this wine a little too warm. It should be served at Tasmanian, not Queensland room temperature.

Score: 90/0

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