Thursday, August 24, 2017

Wynns Black Label Shiraz

Shiraz has always played second fiddle to Cabernet Sauvignon in Coonawarra, and most of the famous Terra Rossa is planted to Cabernet. Yet, there are some sizable Shiraz plantings as well. It is not generally a go to area for me for Shiraz, but I thought I make an exception for the excellent 2010 vintage. I am not a fan of the Michael (too much new oak), so this a review of the  2010 Wynns Black Label Shiraz. As it turned out, it was no coincidence that this was the first vintage of the 'ordinary' Shiraz which was given the black label status.

The bouquet is strong and beautiful, with an aroma of forest berries rising from the glass. This is a medium to full bodied wine with concentrated blackberry and plum flavours. The wine is nicely balanced, as the firm tannins have softened and are in great harmony with the fruit. The result is an elegant and deeply flavoured wine. Wow! At this price and high volume! The slightly metallic tinge on the finish does not distract too much from the overall impression.

This is a serious wine for a low price. The other thing to note is that more than most others, Wynns wines need to be cellared for a few years before they are ready to drink due to their firm tannin structures. This is a beauty now. If you come across this wine at auctions, go for it.

Score: 92/++


Anonymous said...

Hello Thomas,

Speaking of Wynns releases, if you get the opportunity I would like to see a review of the Wynns Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2015.
For $25 it's another quite accessible Wynns wine for most punters.

Colin R

Anonymous said...

Hello again Thomas,
Having re read your review, could you expand on the metallic elements you experienced, in this case on the back palate?

Thanks as always

Colin R

Alontin said...

Hello Colin,

I will buy a 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon and try it.

In relation to the metallic feel. It is difficult to describe otherwise. It is similar to when you put your tongue on a stainless steel or metallic surface.

Austin said...

You are right in saying the Coonawarra and Cab Sauvs are synonymous. Shiraz, which otherwise rules the Australian wines landscape, plays the second fiddle to Cabernet Sauvignon.
You have good blog. I work in Australian ecommerce company Just Wines.

Alontin said...

Thank you, Austin