Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wine Preserva

I was given samples to test this new product, which claims to keep the wine fresh after a bottle has been opened.

It is basically a rubbery sachet, which is dropped into the bottle. It swims on and covers the wine, thereby eliminating contact with air. I was initially skeptical, as it was a bit difficult to place the sachets correctly into the bottle and it did not seem to cover the surface tightly up to the bottle wall. However, the results were good. I tasted this on the Hanisch wines (see post below), and they were just as fresh on the second day, which is a good result for wines up to nine years old. I will continue to drink these wines on day three and four, and it looks like they will still be good.

The product does not look all that nice in the bottle, but it allows me to do vertical tastings or other comparisons with only two people drinking the wine over time. It will be very suitable for restaurants. I believe pricing will be about $1 per sachet. I noticed Michael Twelftree of Two Hands is quite a fan.


Shane O'Sullivan said...

Think I'll pass on sticking a piece of rubber into a nice wine. Instead, try Winesave I have no affiliation with them, but we use it at both our restaurants.

You squirt a small amount of an inert, odorless and tasteless gas into the bottle. It spreads over the surface of the wine. Being heavier than the air in the bottle, it creates a seal.

It is recommended by Ben Edwards the president of the Australian Sommeliers Association. I believe it was trialled at Ezard here in Melbourne prior to release.

Alontin said...

Sorry, I have been a bit sloppy with my language. I should have said that the 'Preserva', which is a round, not chemically coated plastic device, gets dropped from the sachet into the bottle.

But thank you for your comment about winesave. I heard about it, but have not used it before.