Saturday, July 4, 2009

The best 2007 Bordeaux style wine from the Southern Hemisphere

Over the last couple of weeks, I had the opportunity to drink three contenders for the crown of best Bordeaux blend wine in the Southern Hemisphere from the 2007 vintage, which was excellent in Western Australia and New Zealand. While the grape composition is different, the objectives and target market would be similar. So I thought I do a bit of a comparison.

Cullen Diana Madeline Craggy Range Sophia Te Mata Coleraine

Fruit intensity 3 3 1
Fruit complexity 3 2 1
Mouthfeel 3 3 2
Structure 3 2 3
Finish 3 3 3
Aging potential 3 2 3

Total 18 15 13

A couple of other high class Margaret River wines may yet emerge.

Any comments?

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