Thursday, June 18, 2009

The world's best BYO

I attended the above mentioned charity event. Everybody brings a bottle of excellent wine which is shared at the table. Our table had quite a European bend. As it was all about conversation and a light hearted affair, I did not pay close attention to the wines, but these were the highlights:

Dom Perignon 2000. A fantastic champagne, The very small bubbles seem to be dancing on your tongue.

1994 Tyrells Semillon (not sure which). Slightly honeyed flavour, but rather dull.

01 Leeuwin Chardonnay (from yours truely). Quite citrussy, but an amazing cocktail of fruit, minerality, even some smokyness, great balance, perfect time to drink.

06 Etienne Sauzet Puligny Montrachet Champ Canet. Very floral, soft, but fresh.

06 Stonier Reserve Pinot Noir. Strawberry, mushroom, good length, a bit linear

06 Curly Flat Pinot Noir. Big, but not heavy, great mouthfeel, excellent

05 Numanthia Toro. A tempranillo with many flavours, licorice, chocolate, mocca, peat, big, but neither very tannic nor acidic: intriguing - a winery to watch.

04 Ramonet Chassagne Montrachet Morgeot. Strawberry, cherry, etherial, good minerality and long finish.


Baz said...

I saw this advertised. Was it a successful night?

Alontin said...

Yes. It was very successful for Cure Cancer. At the auction, a 6pack of Curly Flat went for $7000, can you imagine?