Monday, April 5, 2021

Jasper Hill Emily's Paddock

 I remember 15 years ago or so I attended a vertical tasting of Emily's Paddock, going back a further 20 years. The old wines were beautiful with their noses of leather and savoury flavours. I have not had this brand for a long time, so I was curious when I pulled this 2012 Jasper Hill Emily's Paddock from the cellar, how it would compare to my memories.

The first impression on taste is this is a full-bodied wine, quite ripe. Blackcurrant flavours hit the front palate, then secondary and tertiary notes take over. There is a hint of leather, but more prominent are barnyard notes. This wine has aged quite quickly, but there is still some elegance to this wine, largely due to the fine tannins and the long finish.

If you own this wine, drink it now.

Score: 92/+ 

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