Monday, January 11, 2021

My Favourite Barossa Wineries

 I have been reflecting how my favourite Barossa wineries have been changing over time. It is a bit like companies on the stock exchange, except in this case it is not market capitalisation that drives it, but a combination of changing winemaking styles, new entrants, and a changing palate on my part. So here it goes:

10 years ago*

1) Henschke

2) Torbreck

3) Rockford

4) Kalleske

5) Spinifex

And today:**

1) The Standish Wine company

2) Henschke

3) Spinifex

4) Sami-Odi

5) Head

Any comments?

* Penfolds is excluded as a multi region blender

** Eperosa could perhaps be in the current list, but I have not tasted it enough


Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas,
Where do you think you would place Langmeil, then and now, and more importantly......why?

Alontin said...

The Orphan and Freedom vineyards are very important sources of old vine Shiraz. I had some beautifully textured and balanced wines from Langmeil in the past, but I simply have not focussed on it. I hope to be in the Barossa at the end of February. I should plan a visit there.

kr1 said...

10 years ago*

1) Henschke (still in my top 5, making some very good wines, Nebbiolo is beautiful as is the pinot)

2) Torbreck (always too big, never my cup of tea)

3) Rockford (others have caught up)

4) Kalleske (wines remain as good as ever to me, but on a warm day i would give these a miss)

5) Spinifex (very very good)

And today:**

1) The Standish Wine company (Great wines, out of daily or even bi-weekly drinking price range though

2) Henschke

3) Spinifex

4) Sami-Odi (I am perhaps biased with this one, but i really like Fraser's wines.

5) Head (not my cup of tea)

I would add Eperosa to this list - there is some good stuff happening there.

Ballycroft is other one i would keep in my list.

Alontin said...

It looks like we are not far apart, kr1. I don't drink Standish wines on a weekly basis either, haha. In relation to Torbreck, you are right, the wines are very big, but they are well made. If you go for the second tier, say Steading or Struie, the fruit weight is dialed down a bit. By the way, David Powell said to me a couple of times that the Steading was his favorite wine from the line-up.

Anonymous said...

Izway definitely worth checking out. Their mid-level option (the Bruce) is a delightful drop that would also age well in my opinion.