Thursday, March 14, 2019

Henschke Hill Of Grace

For those who are getting a bit bored with my South American reviews, I thought I might interrupt this series with a review of the 2006 Henschke Hill Of Grace, a wine which is now out of reach price-wise for most consumers.

My bottle is screw capped, and the aromas from the bottle are fresh and quite full-on. The colour is still deep purple. In fact, the wine got better and more nuanced after a couple of hours. This is a Hill of Grace on the rich side.

The blackberry, cherry, and meat flavours are opulent and deliver a full mouthfeel. The five spice, often prominent in Hill of Grace, is there, but takes a backseat in this wine. The tannins are firm, yet velvety, and the wine has a long finish and silky aftertaste which goes on and on.

I would have given this wine an even higher score if the fruit flavours were a bit more layered.

Score: 96/++

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