Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Wine Masters

Wine Masters is a new video series on vimeo covering the famous wine regions of the world. Season 1 is on France, with individual episodes covering the Rhone, Loire, Bordeaux, Burgundy and Alsace.

Over the last couple of weeks,  I watched a lot of the Australian Open tennis on television. These days, with a 100 cameras on Centre Court, the viewing experience is better than in the stadium itself. Watching Wine Masters is similar. The cinematography is fantastic, areal shots of the vineyards, close ups of family gatherings and process scenes give an experience you could not gain from a winery visit. This adds value.

I watched the first episode, which is titled ‘Rhone’, but it is actually exclusively on E. Guigal, I guess as a wine master of the Rhone region. Unfortunately, the cinematography outshines information. Individual wines are not mentioned until two thirds through the 45 minute video. The full range, in its price point range probably only matched by Penfolds, is not described. One of the key features of Guigal is that Marcel and Philippe control every aspect of this 6 million bottle production - not explicitly mentioned. So in summary, this is a beautiful movie (which you have to buy), but the wine enthusiast has to gather information elsewhere.

I will watch the other episodes as well and give a further commentary in a few days.

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Thanks Thomas. Looking forward to it.