Monday, December 24, 2018

Pyramid Valley Angel Flower Pinot Noir.

This is one of those cases you need to be careful about. Mike and Claudia Weersing, from the US, were looking for an ideal Burgundy-like vineyard and settled in Canterbury in 2000. Mike Weersing has extensive winemaking experience from stints all over the world. Pyramid Valley had to be perfect. The model is Burgundy. The key features of this venture are a biodynamic regime from day one, densely planted wines, clay-limestone soil, and a marginal climate. The vineyards look beautiful in their isolation - the perfect set-up for a cult winery.

My first experience is the 2012 Pyramid Valley Angel Flower Pinot Noir from their north facing Angel Flower block. The wine is made without fining and filtration and only a little sulphur (or maybe none?) pre-bottling. The colour of this wine is dark brown, too early for a 6 year old wine.

If you had a continuum between fruit flavours and savoury, this wine would be right at the end towards savoury. It reminds me of wet forest floor. The tannins are a bit green and underripe. Certainly in this year, the climate must have been too marginal. Also, the winemaking should prevent deterioration after only a few years. The wine would have been attractive on release, but this is not good enough.

Score: 86/- -

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