Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Vinosphere, Part 2 - Pinot Noir

The second round of my tastings focussed on Pinot Noir. Here are brief descriptions

- Dawson James, 2016 Pinot Noir: As with the Chardonnay, a big wine, a bit fruity and overwhelming, but well made with fine tannins (93 p)
- Bindi, 2016 Original Vineyard Pinot Noir: I believe this was a difficult year for Pinot Noir here, very light, below delicate (90 p)
- Bindi, 2016 Block 5 Pinot Noir: a bit more depth, excellent balance, lacks excitement of other years (93 p)
- Curly Flat, 2015 Pinot Noir: bigger than Bindi, strawberry, vanilla, interesting (93 p)
- Picardy, 2013 Tete de Cuvée: 35% whole bunch, mushroom floor, good structure (92 p)
- Lucien Muzard, 2015 Santenay 1er cru Clos Faubard: smooth, linguering, lacks energy (92 p)
- David Duband, 2015Nuits-Saint-Georges: well made, a bit lean for the year (92 p)
- Lignier-Michelot, 2016 Morey-Saint-Denis En la Rue de Vergy: beautiful clean fruit, elegant, drive and length (95 p)
- Timo Mayer, 2017 Pinot Noir Granit: very young, fruity, more juice than wine, but good quality (91 p)
- Escarpment, 2014 Kupe Pinot Noir: earthy, penetrating, makes a statement (not my style) (92 p)
- Akarua, 2015 The Siren Pinot Noir: lighter than previous years and the better for it, very pretty and elegant in difficult vintage, expensive (94 p)

No Australian Pinot Noir stood out, but only a small selection tasted, really.

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