Friday, December 26, 2014

Coldstream Hills, revisited, part 2

The Pinot Noirs were of very high quality, too.

2013 Coldstream Hills Pinot Noir: this is a surprisingly complex Pinot Noir for a 'standard' Estate wine.It is quite savoury and earthy. Great flavours filling the mouth. The finish is a little short (92 points).

2013 Dear Farm Pinot Noir: I described the vineyard in part 1. The red cherry flavours of this wine jump out of the glass. This wine is very perfumed, yet bright and fresh - an elegant wine, just delicious (94 points).
[And I liked it more than in my first tasting, described in the top 20 wines, a couple of posts below]

2013 Esplanade Pinot Noir: this wine comes from the 1000 candles vineyard, which William Downie is trying to turn into a master piece. Coldstream Hills have sourced grapes from this vineyard for some time. This wine is richer than the Dear Farm, but a bit broad as a result. My least favourite wine of the line-up (91 points).

2012 Reserve Pinot Noir: this is a rich wine, too. The flavours are complex, with forest floor and savoury components dominating. The finish is satisfying, but not overly long (93 points).

These Pinot Noirs were good, but did not quite manage to get the density, definition, and expanding finish of a top Burgundy wine.

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