Thursday, June 23, 2011

Leo Buring Leopold Riesling

Does anybody remember the Leo Buring Rieslings of the 1970s? Some years were wines of absolute magic and drank well after 25 years.

This 2008 Leo Buring Leopold Riesling is a far cry from it. The wine is from the Tamar River. It has a spritzy lime fruit taste. The wine arrives on the palate broad and bland and I am not sure if it is supposed to be dry or sweet.

This wine further destroys the Leo Buring brand.

Score: 82/--

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Anonymous said...

Yes no arguement that the 08' Leopold isn't in the style of the 70's LB's; because it's from Tasmania! Leo Buring continues to prodominantly source most of it's grapes from the Clare and Eden Valleys. Check out the excellent 11's from Clare, or the 11' EV Med Sweet, which is a true throw back to the 70's and the Spatlese style. Otherwise from the 08' vintage the Watervale DW L18 Leonay, or the High Eden DW L17 Leonay are definetely in your classic Australian style, that will look stunning in 20 years.