Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Your Favorite Wine - The Final

The last poll provided a close result as I expected, but there were a few surprises. While Rockford had some strong followers for its Black Shiraz, Cullen's Cabernet/Merlot got no vote. Clonakilla is continuing its rise, which no doubt will be reflected in the next Langtons classification. In the end four wines, drew for first spot. They will therefore go through to face off with our two icon wines. The Grosset Polish Hill will fly the flag for white wine, and the wizard Phillip Jones for Pinot Noir.

A word on statistics. I used to run quite a few in my previous life, and in my experience low numbers are sufficient to predict an outcome. Therefore I am not too worried about the relatively low numbers in these polls. However, if the results are as close as in the last one, obviously a couple of votes can change the picture. Well, nothing I can do about it.

Finally Grange and Hill of Grace enter the picture. How will they go against each other? How will the challengers fare? -- Over to you.

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Chris Plummer said...

As usual a tough call Alontin. There are numerous ways to look at it, and that in itself is a tough choice, but I'm making my decision based on the very best vintage I've encountered of each respective wine.

Consistently means a lot to me as well, as does more recent form, but my decision has been made.

Chris P