Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Glaetzer Nefertiti Shiraz

Ben Glaetzer's wines are as smooth on release as he is on the promotion circuit. But how well do they keep?

The 2002 Glaetzer Nefertiti Shiraz should be peaking now. However, it tastes very ripe, of dried prunes and meat. No doubt, the fruit was good, but has not gained in complexity. The tannins are there, but it tastes as if everything is in one spot. There is no structure which takes the wine all the way to the back palate.

Now, it can be argued most wine is drunk on release, and this wine would have been agreeable then. But if it claims to be a premium wine, it needs to last. Not good enough, Mr. Glaetzer.

Score: 89/--

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