Monday, December 28, 2009

My Christmas Drinks

Thank you for your comments. Good to see a bit of interaction.

Jansz seems to have had a good Christmas. My choice of Champagne was Cloudy Bay's Pelorus. I also had half a glass of a French Champagne, Champagne Gatinois, before, unfortunately, somebody knocked the bottle over. This Champagne seems to be based mainly on Pinot grapes and is quite yeasty. - A good drink.

My whites were Meerea Park Hell Hole Semillon, a 2002 Grosset Polish Hill and an Ocean Eight Chardonnay. Predictably, the Polish Hill was the standout, with some honeyed flavours coming through, while still quite refreshing and fruit strong. I noticed one of you had this on the table as well.

The reds were Pinot Noirs, as for Baz, around the 2005 mark. I had a Carrick Pinot Noir, and the Felton Road Block 3, both from Central Otago, and a Bindi Block 5 from 2004. The latter was the stand-out wine, with an amazing bouquet, a predominantly forest floor flavour, great mouthfeel, length and structure. The Block 3 was quite outstanding as well. It is the most fragrant of the Felton Road Pinots. I enjoy the slight fragility against the usual overwhelming fruit of the other wines. The Carrick is not a bad wine either, but does not quite have the sophistication of the others.

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