Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mt. Mary Quintet (2)

Tonight I look at the question of what happens when the Mt. Mary Quintet has aged another nine years. 

I have opened the 1991 Mt. Mary Quintet - or Cabernets as it was called then. The first good news is that the cork came out fairly easily and in one piece. The wine is surprisingly dark.

Obviously, the starting point is a different one. This wine shows serious blackcurrant and is an altogether bigger wine than the 2000, although the alcohol level is similar at 12%. The fruit is still there, but starting to dry and secondary savoury characteristics dominate the palate. The structure of the wine is still exemplary. Again the wine has exquisite harmony and tannin integration. Unfortunately it has lost some of the complexity seen in the 2000. It is probably 3-4 years past its peak. However, the wine still has some vibrancy and a powerful, yet smooth finish. About how many Australian wines of 18 years maturity could this be said?

This experience confirms the iconic status of the Mt. Mary Quintet. It is a delight to drink and will offer interesting experiences across a range of vintages and maturity. In each case the elegance and texture of the wine is likely to be a stand-out feature. 

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