Sunday, May 24, 2009

By Farr and Farr Rising Pinot Noir

It is not clear to me that Gary Farr and his son have quite reached the heights with their own wines, they scaled when working for Bannockburn, but the young age of the fruit may have a fair bit to do with that. They certainly produce serious and interesting wines, in particular Pinot Noir. The wines tend to be on the savoury side, in particular because of their practise of using full bunches.

The 2007 Farr Rising Pinot Noir has unusual bits of orange in the colour. It is the most approachable of the Pinots' tasted. However, it is also quite earthy and savoury.

The By Farr wines are single vineyard Pinots. the 2007 Farrside by Farr tastes of dark cherry fruit, it has good balance and length. However, it needs some time to integrate the tannins.

The 2007 Tout Pres by Farr comes from the new close planted vineyard. This is becoming popular, with the new William Downie (reported on below) vineyard planted even closer. This is an impressive wine. It tastes of black cherry fruit, also quite smokey. The 100% new oak is well integrated and the finish is very long.

If you like Pinot Noir savoury and money is no constraint, these wines are for you. Personally, I would like to see more elegance before I shell out $70-120 per bottle.

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