Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mt. Mary and Torbreck

Recent new releases by Mt. Mary and Torbreck lead me to check on a couple of things:

There is no doubt that Torbreck's RunRig is a very alluring wine and drinks well when young, despite its big fruit concentration. But there are lingering doubts how well it will age. I will open a couple of older vintages to test this.

A couple of years ago, there was outrage in the Australian wine community when Robert Parker slammed Mt. Mary's flagship wine, the Quintet, as being green and underripe. I must say I have sometimes found this wine not too outstanding myself. I will open a couple of years, going way back, to have another look as the current vintage is being praised.

All this will happen in a couple of weeks when I am back on deck. Any recent experiences you would like to share?

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Baz said...

I tried the recent 06 Mt Mary Pinot and Quintet. Both very good wines. The Pinot floral, sophisticated and silky. The Quintet clearly needs time but has all of the hallmarks of Bordeaux. I recnetly opened a magnum of 98 Quintet and it was far from green. Fantastic black fruit and showing no signs of age. It is well known the Quintet is built for age. Perhaps Parker was missing the high alcohol bomb!!!