Monday, May 18, 2009

Henschke Mt. Edelstone

Why not drink a great bottle of wine on a Monday night? Today I opened my 2nd last bottle of the 1990 Henschke Mt. Edelstone. It did not start well. I had trouble getting the cork out in one piece, but careful decanting maintained the integrity of the juice.

The colour of the wine showed orange elements, but also still some of the dark violet of the original colour. The palate was a delight: secondary flavours dominated, in particular eucalypt and smoked bacon, supported by black cherry fruit. Some freshness is still there. Overall, it is an exotic blend of flavours which is supported by strong, but mellowed tannins. The finish is long and silky.

This Mt. Edelstone stood up to its general reputation and the 1990 vintage in particular. It is a rare example of an Australian wine which at 19 years tastes better and more interesting than at a young age. A very special wine.

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