Friday, November 24, 2017


I have enjoyed Dalwhinnie wines from way back. But I lost interest about 10 years ago, when the winemaking shifted, in my view, and an attempt was made to make these wines bigger, more South Australian like. As a result, the Shiraz lost its charm.

I can now report that the wines are back to great form. The 2014 Dalwhinnie Moonambel Shiraz shows clean blackberry fruit and is quite peppery. The tannins are fine and silky (94 points). The 2013 South West Rocks Shiraz is more concentrated and a bit ripe (91 points). The absolute star of the tasting is the 2013 Eagle Shiraz, the super premium wine. What bowled me over, were the amazing fruit flavours of this wine. Blue fruit dominates here. Often you have a hint of blue fruit, but this wine has blueberry and mulberry flavours in spades. This is quite a unique palate sensation, and it is backed up by light touch, but persistent tannins. Superb, but also very pricey (97 points).



Anonymous said...

Hello Thomas,

It seems that Dalwhinnie in general ,has taken something of a back seat for many reviewers for a number of years now.
I hope this new direction can be maintained and is not just a whim of Mr.Jones.
I'd be interested if you were also offered their Cabernet?


Alontin said...

No Cabernet on this occasion, Colin

James said...

Great post, but don’t forget wine is wine for wine lover.
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Wine Lover said...

I haven't tried this one and it seems I would love to take a sip. Thank you for sharing an idea.

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