Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Torbreck The Gask

The Gask is the only Torbreck wine to come 100% from the Eden Valley. It is sourced from a single vineyard in what a number of people call the 'Golden Triangle', a secluded area in the middle of Eden Valley. Given the higher altitude than the Barossa, one would expect more vibrancy, maybe even pepper in this wine.

Alas! The 2005 Torbreck The Gask has none of it. At 15% alcohol, it is as big and beefy as Torbreck's Barossa wines. Admitted, 2005 was a hot year, but why make a special Eden Valley wine, if it tastes like a big Barossa? Meaty tones and dried fruit dominate. The wine finishes hot. On the positive side, the structure is solid and the wine would deliver with Wagyu beef. But is this why I open an Eden Valley Shiraz? - An opportunity missed.

Score: 89/--

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