Friday, March 27, 2009

Red on the Rocks

I am currently spending a couple of days in Kununurra and I have never had a wine experience quite like this. For you overseas readers, Kununurra is in Australia's North West and it currently is about 40 degrees celsius at lunch time and 32/34 in the evening. There are not many dining choices here. It was pizza night tonight and after the sun was down, I thought I must have a glass of red with this. 

The Alkoomi Shiraz was served at room temperature and as I was lifting the glass, the alcohol fumes were reaching my nose first. I thought I must put some ice in this, no matter what people would be thinking. So I did, with the approval of the waitress. But the shock came a minute later. As I was taking my first sip, the two ice cubes had disappeared - completely, without trace. The wine was alright then, but I repeated this procedure half way through the glass - ahh, the Australian Outback!  

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