Friday, March 13, 2009

Leeuwin Chardonnay

For a special occasion, I opened a bottle of the 2001 Leeuwin Chardonnay. This wine received the highest rating of any Australian Chardonnay to date by Wine Spectator with 98 points.

The colour was a beautiful light gold, very clean. The flavours were deep and rich, mainly of pineapple, peach and nectarine. The wine had a good mouthfeel, but there was a surprise as well.

Most of the acidity had gone (The bottle was perfectly stored). This surprised me, because I thought Leeuwin has gone to a slightly leaner style than during the 90s and you could certainly drink some of those wines for 10 years easily. This wine is great to drink now, but will not improve from here.

(For those who read my blog regularly, I have now had this experience of needing to drink different bottles earlier than I thought with several wines in a row. What is going on?)


Baz said...

Hope your run of bad luck is not infectious against my cellar!!!

Andrew Graham said...

I had this about 6 months ago with the bottle I had feeling very tight and very young indeed.

Whats your storage like Alontin? The bottle I had was from an average cellar, but I have heard of another bottle consumed recently that was near perfect so bottle variation could be a factor here.

Alontin said...

My cellar is quite cool: 10-12 degrees. It is dark and has sufficient humidity. Corks were no problem. I think it must be some bottle variation. Beats me how, though, given the cork was fine. I have three more bottles of this, which I am now planning to drink during the next few months. I will report on the outcome.