Sunday, March 8, 2009

Penfolds New Release Revisited

I tasted the Penfolds range again last week. Surprisingly, maybe refreshingly, the Penfolds representative downplayed the quality of these wines somewhat.

My focus was on the 2006 Bin 389. I had a comment on my previous post how well a 96 was drinking right now and that the fruit may not be as strong this time round. 

There is no doubt this wine is not as big as the 04 or 05, but the wine has sufficient fruit weight in my opinion. The wines of this release have great balance, and the 389 good structure. Therefore I am concluding it will hold up well. It will not be your typical big South Australian red, but rather a more elegant version. I bought a few bottles, because I think we might all be surprised in a few years.

Of the other wines, I liked the Bin 138 with its upfront Grenache based fruit and the Bin 28 Kalimna for its richness and balance. 

The Bin 128 Coonawarra Shiraz seemed less balanced as was the Bin 407 Cabernet.

As I have said before, not a bad line-up for the price, given these challenging wine growing years.

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