Thursday, January 29, 2009

John Duval Entity Shiraz

The 2005 John Duval Entity Shiraz has outstanding flavour. It consists of deep dark blackcurrant, luscious plum and black cherries and has tremendous vibrancy. The firm tannins are well integrated, as the wine comes to a long finish.

John Duval was the chief wine maker for Penfolds for about a couple of decades and he fashioned such iconic wines as 1990 Grange. There is the firm grip in the Entity Shiraz, which Duval is known for, but this wine is more about fruit than earthy undertones, as many Penfolds wines have been.

In contrast to the Dutschke wine I described before, this one seems more three dimensional. The Dutschke went from the front of the tongue to the finish in one go. A lot of sensations and taste changes happen with the Entity, as the wine moves through the mouth.

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Andrew Graham said...

Talented man that John Duval - quite approachable too.