Saturday, January 3, 2009

Clarendon Hills Hickinbotham Syrah

Clarendon Hills is an exciting winery. It produces very ripe wines, but also strives for elegance. It is also committed to single vineyard wines, which means there are probably about 10 serious releases each year, and the variability from year to year can be considerable.

A couple of months ago, I gave a very favourable review to an Astralis and I also had some fantastic Grenaches from this winery. Tonight I am drinking the 2002 Clarendon Hills Hickinbotham Syrah.

Unfortunately, this one misses the mark. The bouquet displays a strong plum flavour, which carries through to the palate, but is soon overtaken by a taste of fruitcake, a really thick sensation, but no structure or length to it. As a result of this 'dense' flavour, the wine competes with the food and very little lingers on.

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