Thursday, October 23, 2008

Whistling Eagle Shiraz

On one of the most miserable and coldest October nights in living memory in Sydney, it is the ideal time to pull out a full blooded Aussie Shiraz. Heathcote is a young region, but attracted many wineries during the last 15 years. It will take some time to sort out the men from the boys, but Whistling Eagle is likely to be in the top producers group from this region. I had the 2003 Eagles Blood Shiraz. It has a "Parker profile" of full and sweet dark fruit, combined with 15.5% alcohol.

In contrast to some other contenders, this wine is well structured, it can carry the alcohol alright, and even has some elegance about it. The wine has a slightly tannic and dry finish as a result of the drought, and is a very good wine for nights when you don't want to step outside. Another plus: the wine maker is an Essendon supporter.

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