Saturday, October 11, 2008

Chateau Langoa Barton

During the last year, I have rediscovered Cabernet based wines. It is educational to drink a European Cabernet from time to time to compare with our Southern Hemisphere wines. Tonight I had the 2002 Chateau Langoa Barton. 2002 is a lesser year in Bordeaux, this Chateau is a good one, but not in the first row.

The first glass was quite closed, the berry flavours followed quickly by savoury characteristics and long tannins - a bit dull. But after half an hour, the wine opened up nicely. The berries developed fuller flavours, the tannins became very silky. Quite an elegant wine, and a perfect food wine, which would not dominate the meal.

In an interesting way, it shared many features with the Unison I had a couple of days ago, although that one had more depth of fruit. Both wines were quite elegant with a long finish.

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