Thursday, March 25, 2021

Wendouree Malbec


The profile of Malbec is largely formed by the impressions of Argentinian wine; ripe and lush. It is not so well known that there are old Malbec vines in Australia, in particular on the Wendouree property. How does this 2012 Wendouree Malbec compare? It is quickly clear this tastes nothing like the Argentinian version. This is a Wendouree!

Black sour cherry is accompanied by smoky and meaty flavours, not too much, though. There is the typical eucalypt as well. The fruit weight feels right in the mouth. As would be expected, this wine is more about power than elegance, but it is smoother than a Wendouree Shiraz. The tannins are firm, and the finish is long. This wine does not have the generosity of fruit like the Argentinian Malbec, in some ways it is simply a good quality dry red. 

Score: 94/++ 

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